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January 22nd
1:11 AM

Grateful piece of crap

So I felt all jelly and envious while browsing some random rich kid’s instragram account and seeing all her selfies with her iPhone 5s while driving her luxury car (she’s about my age, btw). My frustration made me close the IG app and then it hit me.. I am such a piece of crap. How dare I feel envious with the fortunes of others while I am living a pretty good life myself. More than the gadgets and gizmos, more than all material possessions, are the people I am blessed with and the life chances and opportunities that made me who I am and took me where I am today.

Thank you, God, that by making me look at others’ fortunes greater than my own, I found contentment and gratitude.

January 8th
1:07 AM



drum solo dreams

May 21st
3:15 PM



do you have 67 protons because you’re a image

If anyone else reblogs this I will cry for eternity 

Dude you better be crying your eyes out now til eternity

March 25th
11:36 AM

if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog


if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

February 21st
8:37 AM

For the love of Science

Circa 1998, six-year old me came home with a trolley bag six books heavier. Earlier that day, my relatively new school had just opened its newly-built library and the teachers have just distributed library cards to their students. My library card seemed like the credit card of a president’s daughter to me. A feeling of power and invincibility came with it. As the school bell shouted dismissal time, I hurriedly packed my things and ran to the library as fast as I could. First-grader me rushed to the Science section and grabbed six Science and Health books for grades one to six. With a smug look on my face and six heavy books in my arms, I presented my library card to the librarian who, upon seeing me, looked like someone who just saw a blue giraffe. I went home and neatly stacked the books beside my bed. Everyday since then, I would flip their pages one by one and feed my curious little mind.

Fourteen years later and still in love with Science more than ever, I heard the news that the Department of Education (DepEd) plans to remove the Science subject for the educational curriculum of Grades 1 and 2. This, according to DepEd, is to make the early school years more fun for the students. I would like to quote my colleague in saying that I have never ever seen a child come home crying because he did not enjoy his Science subject (aside from NatSci 1 and Chemistry. Am I right, Iskos and Iskas?).

I would like to keep this as short as possible so I’ll proceed with saying that I would never want to raise my child in a Science-less society. That maybe an exaggeration considering the subject will only be removed from the first two years of elementary education but still, it would be nice to see children wondering and figuring out how caterpillars turn into butterflies, what the baby kangaroo is called, and why the sky is blue at an early age. The early years of life are very crucial in forming the internal and external characteristics of a person. In my experience, Science has helped me understand and appreciate nature and life itself at a very young age. It made me eternally hungry for knowledge. It still fuels my curiosity as it has shown me universes to the atomic level. I could not imagine what I would have wanted to be if I was not taught about Science during first grade let alone what kind of person I might have become today.